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Piers Plowman
April 28, 2015 01:35 AM PDT

Kate Wiles talks to Lawrence Warner about the origins of the Middle English narrative poem Piers Plowman.

In Conversation With Greg Jenner
February 04, 2015 02:20 AM PST

Fern Riddell talks to the historian Greg Jenner about his new book, 'A Million Years In A Day'.

Murder in the Cathedral
December 05, 2014 01:47 AM PST
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Paul Lay and Richard Dale discuss the mysterious death of a liveryman at St Paul's Cathedral in 1514.

The Disappearing Religions of the Middle East
November 28, 2014 02:20 AM PST
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Gerard Russell and Tom Holland discuss the plight of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

General Sherman's Total War
November 12, 2014 02:08 AM PST
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Matt Carr discusses Sherman's March to the Sea, a key turning point in the American Civil War.

The Origins of the Shroud of Turin
October 29, 2014 03:39 AM PDT
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Charles Freeman discusses his research into one of history's greatest mysteries.

The Nazi-Soviet Pact
September 04, 2014 02:01 AM PDT
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Roger Moorhouse discusses the pact between Hitler and Stalin, which lasted from 1939 to 1941.

The Roosevelts
August 01, 2014 05:29 AM PDT
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The American filmmaker Ken Burns talks about his latest documentary, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History.

Africans in Georgian England
June 27, 2014 01:43 AM PDT
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Onyeka joins us to introduce a number of aspiring Africans who made an impact on Georgian society during the 18th century.

The Romans in Africa
June 05, 2014 01:25 AM PDT
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Raoul McLoughlin talks about Rome’s desire for an African empire, a fierce struggle for trade, land and the search for the source of the Nile.

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